Choosing the Right Garage Door for YouChoosing the right garage door for you might be easier than you think. First, what is your budget? Second, are you looking for a particular design? If you answered yes to the first question then a steel garage door with no windows or insulation is your best option. On the other hand if you answered yes to the second question it then becomes a matter of choosing the right style to match the rest of your home.

Garage Door Sizes

A standard one-car garage door measures 8’x7′ (8 feet by 7 feet). If your garage door has different measurements then you might require a special order. That is of course, unless your garage door is a standard two-car garage door. A standard two-car garage door measures 16’x7′(16 feet by 7 feet). Again, if your current garage door system doesn’t have these measurements it will require a special order that will delay the installation from 1 day to 2 weeks, depending on the measurements.

Single and Double Car Garage Doors

Both single-car garage doors and double-car garage doors can be one-piece or sectional. A one-piece garage door is a single piece of wood or metal that moves all together with no bending. These kinds of garage doors have the springs installed beside the garage door and need a higher opening than a sectional garage door. Sectional garage doors are separated into 4 section that measure 21”(21 inches) high. All together they add up to 7’ thus making the 8’x7’ or 16’x7’ garage door. The sectional garage doors have the springs installed above the garage door. These are called torsion springs.

Garage Door Materials

Now let’s talk materials. The most common style of garage door that we install is the steel garage doors. This is because it’s the most economical style of garage door. That’s not to say it’s the weakest it’s just the least expensive. Wooden garage doors are more expensive partially because treated wood is more expensive and because most wood garage doors are custom made. They are also heavier than steel garage doors needing larger springs. The larger the springs the more expensive they are to replace so be sure to keep that in mind. The last option available would be glass garage doors. Glass garage doors are the most modern looking garage doors. You can’t see through them but you can see light inside and the smoky white glass gives a beautiful appeal. They are the most expensive but they are also the newest.

This doesn’t cover all of the options available but it’s a good start to help you in choosing the right garage door for you. If you’d like more information or would like to schedule an appointment to see all the variety available give us a call today!