garage-door-off-trackHave you ever wondered what your garage door does when you’re not at home?  Does it just sit there, watching its life go by as the cars go by?  Unless it’s being tracked by a smartphone app that monitors its ups and downs and activity, you really don’t know for sure what’s going on, do you?

OK, maybe that’s stretching it a bit. Maybe it just there, waiting for things to happen, but do you ever wonder what they might be thinking if in fact they could think?  We’ve come up with a top ten list of what garage doors might be thinking throughout the day…

  1. “When was the last time my springs were lubricated?  It’s been so long I can’t remember!”
  2. “Does the mother know that their child is running under the garage door, like that?:
  3. “One of these days, Tommy is going to break one of my windows bouncing that ball, and man, will he catch heck!”
  4. “The sensors need bifocals. They’re not seeing things the way they used to.”
  5. “I need a physical inspection like last year.”
  6. “I’ve got a sunburn and my paint is starting to peel!”
  7. “The opener is giving the remote the silent treatment again. This won’t turn out well.”
  8. “Bobby needs to get his hands away from the springs before he loses a finger or two.”
  9. “I’m feeling like things are off track here, guys.  A few more days and things are really going to get ugly!”
  10. “Things are starting to turn cold again! I need some new insulation here, people!”

So what has your garage door been thinking?  What physical messages is it sending to you?  Is it saying “Everything’s OK,” or “There’s an accident waiting to happen, and you need to get on top of it before something really bad happens!”

Don’t wait for your garage door system to give you a piece of its mind at the absolute worst possible time!

Take care of your garage door system today!